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The Bizarre Story Behind The Real-Life Barbie And Ken — And Why They Became Dolls

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The Bizarre Story Behind The Real-Life Barbie And Ken — And Why They Became Dolls

Barbie and Ken’s exaggerated proportions have influenced popular ideas of physical beauty for decades, leading some to extreme lengths to become human dolls. Two such individuals are Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica.

The Human Barbie: Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova, known as the “human Barbie,” was born on August 23, 1985, in Tiraspol, Moldova. Now a Ukrainian model, she uses her appearance to promote her views on spirituality and mysticism.

Valeria resembles a doll more than a human, but she says she never aimed to look like Barbie. She just wants to look beautiful, feminine, and refined, although she did love Barbie as a child. She claims to have only had breast augmentation, denying rumors of rib removal for her tiny waist. She once expressed a desire to live on air and sunlight, although this is unsafe.

Valeria also believes in astral projection and claims to be an alien. She has said she was a famous king and spiritual teacher in past lives. However, her controversial comments on mixed-race individuals and feminism have drawn criticism.

The Human Ken Doll: Justin Jedlica

Justin Jedlica, from Poughkeepsie, New York, was born on August 11, 1980. He is known as the “human Ken doll,” though this wasn’t his original goal.

Justin considers himself a “plastic-surgery enthusiast” and has had numerous procedures, including rhinoplasty, chest and shoulder implants, brow lifts, and lip augmentations. With over 780 cosmetic procedures, he has spent around $800,000 pursuing his vision.

While he does resemble Ken, Justin sees his transformation as an art form with deeper meaning, rather than just a quest for perfection.

Despite his transformations, Justin faces criticism. Some mock his resemblance to Ken, noting the doll’s lack of genitals. Justin humorously responds that he wishes his genitals were as exaggerated as in anime.

In 2019, Justin’s family faced tragedy when his brother died in prison. Justin suspects foul play and is raising awareness about the case.

The Real-Life Barbie And Ken Feud

Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica met in February 2013 during a TV appearance, sparking a feud between the two.

Justin criticized Valeria, calling her an illusion reliant on makeup, fake hair, and corsets. Valeria responded by suggesting Justin had overdone his lip enhancements.

In the world of human dolls, competition is fierce, but they must be careful not to get burned.

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