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Meet Jesse Pomeroy, The ‘Boston Boy Fiend’ Who Became American History’s Youngest Serial Killer

Meet Jesse Pomeroy, The ‘Boston Boy Fiend’ Who Became American History’s Youngest Serial Killer

In American history, Jesse Pomeroy stands out as a chilling example of human depravity. At just 14, he committed horrific acts and became the youngest serial killer in American history. Here is the story of Jesse Harding Pomeroy, the ‘Boston Boy Fiend.’

A Troubled Childhood

Jesse Pomeroy was born on November 29, 1859, in Charlestown, Massachusetts. His early life was marked by hardship and tragedy. A birth defect left him with a scarred white film over his right eye, making him a target for bullying. His father was allegedly abusive, regularly beating him. These early experiences likely contributed to the darkness that overtook Jesse Pomeroy.

Descent into Darkness

Pomeroy’s violent behavior began in his childhood. Reports surfaced about a sinister boy luring children with sweets, only to beat and assault them. Known as “The Boy Torturer” and “The Red Devil,” this boy was Jesse Pomeroy.

To escape suspicion, Pomeroy’s mother moved the family to South Boston, but the violence continued. In 1872, another boy became a victim. The police arrested 13-year-old Jesse Pomeroy, identifying him by his distinctive eye. Despite his arrest, he was released after a few months, thanks to his mother.

The Gruesome Crimes Unveiled

Jesse Pomeroy’s release led to more tragedy. A month later, 10-year-old Katie Curran vanished, and suspicion fell on Pomeroy. Authorities found his boot prints next to the body of four-year-old Horace Millen, who was brutally murdered. This time, there was no escape.

At his trial in December 1874, 15-year-old Pomeroy faced a jury that rejected his insanity plea but showed leniency due to his age. However, the judge sentenced him to death. The governor intervened, citing Pomeroy’s youth, and commuted his sentence to life in solitary confinement.

A Life Behind Bars

Jesse Pomeroy spent the next 50 years in prison, with failed escape attempts and a lonely existence. He educated himself, learning languages, writing poetry, and even dabbling in the stock market. In 1929, he was transferred to the State Prison Farm in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where he spent the rest of his life.

On September 29, 1932, at 73, Jesse Pomeroy died of a heart attack. Though his body count was not high, his sadistic pleasure in his crimes mirrored that of other infamous serial killers.

Legacy of Darkness

Jesse Pomeroy’s name is a reminder of the darkest aspects of human nature. His crimes shocked the nation and contributed to the concept of the “serial killer.” He holds the record for the longest incarceration in American history, with 59 years behind bars. Known as the “boy slayer,” he remains a stark reminder of the evil that can lurk within people.

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