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Meet Leona ‘Candy’ Stevens: The Woman Who Lied In Court To Liberate Her Husband, Charles Manson

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Meet Leona ‘Candy’ Stevens: The Woman Who Lied In Court To Liberate Her Husband, Charles Manson

Leona Rae “Candy” Stevens played a key role in the life of the infamous cult leader Charles Manson. Before Manson became notorious for orchestrating the brutal murders of Sharon Tate and Rosemary LaBianca, he was involved with Stevens, who significantly impacted his criminal activities.

Charles Manson Meets ‘Candy’ Stevens

After being released from Terminal Island in 1958, Manson briefly tried to turn his life around with legitimate work. However, feeling betrayed by colleagues, he soon returned to crime. During this time, he met Leona Rae Stevens, known as “Candy,” who worked as a prostitute and helped Manson with his desire for money.

Little is known about Stevens’ early life or current whereabouts, but her actions with Manson are well-documented.

Charles Manson Leaves Candy Stevens — For Prison

Manson’s criminal activities led to his arrest on May 1, 1959, for stealing and attempting to cash U.S. Treasury checks. Facing charges of mail theft and forgery, Manson asked Stevens and other inmates to write letters supporting his character, portraying him as a victim of an unfair trial.

Despite these efforts, a psychiatric evaluation declared Manson emotionally unstable, and a probation officer doubted his ability to live outside prison.

A Marriage Of Convenience

To avoid a long prison sentence, Manson persuaded Stevens to play a crucial role in his legal defense. Stevens appeared before Manson’s parole officer, tearfully pleading for his release and falsely claiming they were expecting a child and planning to marry. As a result, the judge granted Manson five years of probation instead of a ten-year prison term.

Candy Stevens Gets Arrested — Thanks To Her Husband

Manson’s freedom did not last long. Soon after his release, he faced new charges, including grand theft auto and using stolen credit cards. Accompanied by Stevens and another woman, Manson traveled to New Mexico in a stolen car. They were all charged with driving a stolen car across state lines and prostitution.

Stevens turned against Manson to secure her immunity, testifying against him as a “material witness.” Manson’s original sentence was reinstated, and he received a ten-year prison term. Stevens visited him once in jail before giving birth to their son, Charles Luther Manson. She sought a divorce four years later, citing “mental cruelty and conviction of a felony.”

Bonded by Infamy

After their divorce, Candy Stevens and her son, Charles Luther Manson, disappeared from Manson’s life. They have since stayed out of the public eye, with little information available about their lives.

Understanding the stories of people like Leona “Candy” Stevens offers insight into the complex relationships and events surrounding Charles Manson. These tales remind us of the dark and captivating chapters of our history.

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